Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Whovian's Lament

September 27, 2015


Sit back and get a little comfy. I'm going to blather on about my disappointment in the new season of Doctor Who, which feels almost sacrilegious, but necessary. Maybe if I purge myself, I'll enjoy the show more.

So… as mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of Capaldi as the Doctor. This has nothing to do with his acting. I enjoy his work. But… here's the thing… I just can't get past the fact he's been two other characters besides the Doctor in the Whoverse—Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii and John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

But wait! What about Eve Myles? She played a character in Doctor Who before being in Torchwood. Why doesn't that bother me?

One simple reason. The character she played in The Unquiet Dead, Gwyneth, by rights, could have been an ancestor of Torchwood's Gwen, so… my brain has no problem wrapping around the idea. But Capaldi's characters? Not so much. Wanna know why?

Because THE DOCTOR doesn't have ancestors on earth. Even if I bought the idea Caecilius—a social climbing Roman—could be the ancestor of John Frobisher—the man who learns ass-kissing doesn't always pay off and can, instead, bring a tragic end, I can't buy the idea they're somehow related to the Doctor. EVER. It's just a big, fat NOPE.

Again, because the Doctor doesn't have ancestors who are human, with the exception of maybe Ten and Rose in the alternate universe. So, yeah, I struggle—a lot—to get into Capaldi as the Doctor.

And while I'm on the topic, let's chat about Missy the Master. Hooray for having a woman Master. Seriously, I love the idea and think it's wonderful. That said, the way she's written is a big, fat disappointment.

Staying strictly with New Who, I wouldn't want to be the actor who had to fill the big shoes John Simm left behind after playing the Master. Michelle Gomez did a superb job in the previous season and I would have been thrilled to bits if that would have been the end of the Master's manipulations.

But, of course, it's not. We open the season with two full episodes of her. Bleh. And it's not the actress, in my opinion, it's the writing. Simm's version had a terrific arc to show how he became insane, why he did the things he did, and finally, a thread of redemption.

But Missy? Eh, she's a little too over the top, yet… at the same time a little too shallow and look at me, look at me, look at me, to be believable. And maybe that's the point, but it's not one I'm enjoying in any way, shape, or form. The apparent I'm just here to screw with the Doctor and have fun while doing it doesn't interest me. And that's the way her role in the Whoverse comes across for me. She serves no other purpose than to muck things up for the Doctor. Don't we have all the other monsters and villains for that purpose?

Finally… let's take a look at this Doctor. The War Doctor made a comment about having a mid-life crisis when he got a look at Ten and Eleven and their young visages. So, awesome, we have an older guy for this regeneration. Should be great, right? Eh, not so much. For a more mature version, Twelve is certainly getting in tune with his inner child.

I guess I'm not thrilled with the idea Twelve brings an electric guitar and a tank to his battle with the medieval-looking opponent. Because honestly? The incredibly stupid jokes that people will get in a few hundred years were too lame to be humorous. Personally, Nine, Ten, and Eleven had a higher mental age than the current Doctor, who runs toward temper tantrums and super snit fits. Don't get me wrong, he's got some amusing moments with both, but it may not be enough to sustain my interest.

Do I take this Whoverse stuff way too seriously? Oh, hell yes, I do. LOL But… I miss the continuity of the earlier Davies seasons. The sweeping emotional arcs we got in a single episode sometimes. And Moffat is more than capable of writing that way. I mean Blink is one of the most emotional roller coaster episodes I've EVER watched on TV, so he's got the chops to connect with me on that level… when he's not trying to be too quirky or clever or whatever the hell he's trying to be with the gimmicky shtick he's been throwing out lately, especially with the two opening episodes of this season. They were disjointed and messy and I'm honestly not sure what I was watching, but it's not the Doctor Who I love.

And no worries if anyone vehemently disagrees with me. I'm totally okay with the rest of the planet loving the Doctor as much as they always have. I'm just not quite there yet—maybe I never will be—but I'm hoping Moffat rises to the challenge of keeping me as a viewer.

Whew. I feel WAY better now. Thanks for letting me vent.

As an aside, I did read the concept that the familiar faces of Caecilius and Frobisher would be explained sometime this season, but truthfully, unless it's super brilliant—and it totally could be—I'm still going to have big issues wrapping my head around the idea. So yeah, there's that.

And for now, I'll keep watching—because I've had a lifetime of Classic and New Who.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bitten SkyCaps: Episode Two—Prodigal

Welcome back to the crazy world of SkyCaps. This is the place I blather on about the shows that alter my universe and eat my brain. And hopefully share my love for the writing, cast, and storylines.

Standard warning—always keep drinks safely away from the computer, device or keyboard when reading. Be prepped and ready for snarky commentary and foul language. I get excited and sometimes upset and when I do, the four letter words fly. I also make up words to fit my moods, so there's that, too. I'm not always on the same wavelength with others. This means off the wall opinions, observations and non-stop rambling is pretty much a given. Spoilers and speculation abound. If you haven't seen the episode and don't want it ruined, step away from the recap and run in the opposite direction.

As always, keep your hands and feet inside the roller coaster at all times. Safety first, folks. The ride gets bumpy. J

Okay, everyone ready?

Here we go…


Elena almost changed in front of Philip and had to lie to get away.
"The only difference between humans and anything else is the persona, the mask behind which we hide all desires."
"Be careful out there."
Creepy walk with a wolf attack.
Braxton the asshat hunter and his dog blue traipsing through the woods.
"Well it looked like a wolf kill, but I could smell it was not really a wolf."
"Some random mutt kills in my territory. Why?"
"The pack needs you."
The morning after wolf attack (and end scene from last week)


Let's revisit Clay and Elena's last few moments from the last episode. Elena's walking up the lane and catches Clay's scent.

E: You're gonna have to do better than that if we're tracking a mutt.
C: Missed you, too.

All caught up? Good… because the fur flies pretty much right out of the gate.

E: Are you the welcoming committee? Or did Jeremy finally chain you up to the front gate where you belong.


Whew. Elena is very standoffish. Clay wants to help with the bag… but yeah… she's got it. No thanks. But she's maybe not quite as unaffected as she wants Clay to believe


Four years ago, a similar scene plays out very differently…

C: Don't be nervous, okay, I'm gonna be fine.
E: When you put it that way, I feel nervous. This is a big deal, bringing me home to your family. What if Jeremy doesn't like me?
C: Impossible.
E: Okay then, I'll come clean. I've never met anyone's family before, not… you know, in this context. Not in a context of this is someone that I love and want to spend the rest of my life with, and if you don't like me, then…
C: Darlin', I got you.

Whew… *fans self* Sorry… need a moment here. Have something pretty to look at for a sec…


Before we get back to the present, if you haven't read the books, there's a lot of nuance here, which will be explained further into the episode. Personally, I kind of love how this is all handled in the framework of Elena coming back to a place she thought she left behind. I'm also a little thrilled they only have a four year span of time instead of the decade or so in the books. The length of time always kind of bugged me, but I won't delve into it too much for the recap, except to say it makes more sense to me to have it play out this way. J


Elena wouldn't let Clay get her bag, but she couldn't stop him from opening the door.

Home. Wow… could she be any less enthused? LOL Nothing's changed. But according to Clay (after giving Elena a nice once over) some things have. (Remember… he's a professor of anthropology and completely fascinated with studying humans.)

Elena: What?

—Elena let Nick buy all her clothes when she lived at Stonehaven.
—Clay thought she hated shopping. (She does!)
—Does he not think she can pick her outfit herself?

His answer? You tell me.

Yeah, Elena's not going to take that bait. She'll leave the room instead. Okay, what Clay means is, she looks… good. Well sure, she cleans up pretty well when she's a human. BURN! (Just go with it for now… trust me) She's still looking around the house, but not finding what she wants.

Where's Jeremy? He's not here. And doesn't that just piss Elena off. She's alone in the house with Clay. Joyful fun. At least he offers to feed her, can't forget that wolf metabolism… she's gotta be starving.

Where's Jeremy? Ah… he's running.

And Clay needs to get it straight. She's not there to talk, or catch up, or whatever else he had in mind. She's there because a wolf needs to be tracked and it was clear everyone else was going to keep pressuring her until she came back.

Clay's kinda like… everyone?

Elena doesn't have an answer for that, because hey, Clay did NOT put any pressure on her, unless telling how great it was to hear her voice counts as pressure. *shrugs* You decide.

But Elena just wants 'this' done so she can leave. The sooner Jeremy knows she's there, the faster she can start tracking the killer.

I'm pretty sure Clay is starting to get the picture.

But Elena spells it out anyway: She's not there for them.


Don't start.

And out the door she goes… and wow… she's pretty damn speedy. It looks like she's crossed half the property in the two milliseconds since she left the kitchen. LOL

Two shots ring out and Elena gets concerned, calling out for Jeremy… the sound of gunfire echoes a third time.

Cue opening credits…


Does anyone else get the feeling Elena really wants to punch Clay in the face? It's like she doesn't care whether it's safe or not. Has no worry about the hunters, etc. because of the bounty on a wolf. Nope. All the more reason they should be out there making sure Jeremy is okay.

Excuse me? He's the alpha, right? Not saying there can't be stupid leaders, but Jeremy doesn't seem like a dumbass, so Elena's attitude seems a little off. But… Jeremy is the Alpha, instinct would be to protect, right? Plus, when you throw in the fact she has ZERO desire to be alone with Clay, her 'gotta go fine Jeremy' mindset makes all kinds of sense.

Too bad Clay doesn't give a shit if she's uncomfortable. His instinct is to protect his mate and I wonder if we'll ever see Clay caught between his utter loyalty to Jeremy and his love for Elena. Ah! Thank the universe wolf-Jeremy comes loping back to the house. I wondered if we'd have to take bets on who'd draw first blood between Elena and Clay.

Scene shift

Jeremy's studio? Lots of art supplies, paints, and canvases. And a nice reunion. Jeremy's really happy Elena is home. (Except she's not, right? Home is Toronto.)

Important facts

—Yes, gunshots. But Jeremy's okay.
—He caught the scent of the hunters on the western border of the property and left immediately.
—No clue if they were shooting at the mutt. Jeremy didn't smell him, but any snapped twig or rustling leaf is gonna be met with bullets until the situation is resolved.
—Jeremy's take? It's been quiet lately, then BAM! The mutt problem comes out of the blue.
—With Elena home, they have a much better chance of finding the guy.
—Right. Elena makes things clear. She'll track the killer, but once they find him, she's out again.

Okay… they'll start tomorrow when everyone is together. Elena's ready now. Sure, but if she goes out alone and finds the mutt, he'll try to kill her. Is she prepared to kill him?

And there's the big ass question. Remember when she got all bent over having to murder to hide their secrets? Exactly.

And no, she's not prepared to kill the mutt. Then Jeremy will send Clay with Elena. No way. She'd rather go with the local psychopath.

Clay's response if my favorite line of the night.

Did you forget, darlin'? I am the local psychopath.

Yeah, okay. Elena will wait until everyone's there. Long day, blah, blah. She's gonna go unpack.

Clay's a little crushed, but as Jeremy puts it: She came back. It's a start.

Clay's not so sure.


So, remember when I said to pay attention to Philip's purple sweater? Here's why…

Dude's got a colorful wardrobe.

Anyway, Philip bumps into Logan and Rachel. Logan makes the introductions. Philips figured Logan would be in upstate New York with Elena. No, Logan's leaving first thing, by the way, Philip is Elena's boyfriend. Rachel comments it's a terrible thing about the accident. Yeah, anytime kids are involved…

Dammit, Elena. Logan said to keep it simple. LOL

Kids? Yeah, Logan didn't want to worry Rachel. He doesn't have to spare her feelings. All right. No problem. Whew. Potential fight averted. J

Back at Stonehaven…

Elena familiarizes herself with her old room. And finds something she left behind…

The match to Clay's, which he still wears. Elena tucks the box into a drawer but something tells me she's not going to be able to shut out her past—or the pack—so easily.


Okay, see Elena's manicure? Just take a look and remember for a later time, okay? Also… I seriously can't say enough about the background music/score. A lot of times the music can really help make a show for me and Bitten is doing a great job keeping me glued with their cues. Reminds me a little of Battlestar Galactica's musical cues. J That's a very good thing.


Ah, the mutt is on the prowl again. At least he's polite when he's sniffing out his next target. The local girl wonders if he's a hunter. The bounty is like a thousand bucks. And yeah, he's a hunter, but the money means nothing to him, only the kill. Oi… subliminal meaning, much?

Pertinent info…

—The kill is to avenge the poor girl (that he killed *eye roll*)
—Christy. Four years ahead of the current girl he's with
—Christy was voted most likely to succeed (Not bad for someone the mutt considered a slut, right?)
—The mutt thinks his new target must've been voted prettiest (Could this dude be any cheesier?)
—Ha! Not likely. The chick is still a junior.

His reaction is kinda awesome. Is she even allowed to be in the bar? There's a curfew for anyone under the age of eighteen until they nab the wolf. She can't walk home by herself. That works out perfectly.

Or not.

The drinks are on the house… the bartender's sister is not.

No easy conquest for the mutt today.

Meanwhile… in the Bear Valley Diner…

Nick and Antonio are *shocker* eating. LOL They're also waiting on Pete—his bus is officially late— and information gathering.

—Christy's family is planning a closed casket service
—Braxton and his boys were parked out near the Stonehaven place earlier that morning. Thought they might have seen something.
—Nick and Tonio are gonna wait for Pete outside.

Or not.

Enter the sheriff who has seen the Sorrentinos around a couple of times over the years, but has never officially 'met' them. You know, I like her. She's pleasant yet direct. Of course Antonio introduces himself and Nick as old family friends of the Danvers. And dumb, dickhead deputy, you know, Braxton the asshole's buddy, dives right in with:

"My hunting pals said maybe they saw a wolf up on your property."

Okay, hello? It's Danvers property, not Sorrentino. Duh. At least the sheriff gets it right. If a wolf is settling on the Danvers land, they'll have to come up there. What else can Antonio say but 'Of course.'

Deputy Dickhead: We've all heard wolves up there before.

So what? Are Nick and Antonio personally responsible for the wolves being there? And okay, okay, they actually are, but Deputy Dickhead irritates me with his smarmy bullshit.

But Nick agrees. Wolves pass through, but they keep on the move. The sheriff smooths things over again. They just want to catch the animal and resolve the issue. She just got word another girl is missing. (Ahh… the second mutt kill from the end of last week's episode). That's two in one week for a town where nothing much happens.

Thank the universe Pete arrives before Deputy Dickhead can stick his foot up his ass again. And Pete gets the tense vibe and breaks it by asking if they're eating there or what? He's starving. LOL Hell, no. They're heading home, but before they leave, Antonio mentions they're eager to help out any way they can.

Much to the sheriff's surprise…

Back at Stonehaven…

Okay, so the next scene gives me shippy chills even though it probably shouldn't. To the background sounds of Famous for Fire by Adaline, we've got Elena settling in for the night. Her coyote wound is healing, which apparently makes her think of Toronto since she picks up her phone with Philips contact info on the screen. But she doesn't call him… instead she puts the phone down and gets up to wander toward the window. She puts her hand on the wall, kind of like she's maybe reliving a memory.

But no… that's not it. The scene pans out and Clay is sitting on the roof outside her window, directly beside the place she just touched on the wall.

*shivers* Yeah, if I hadn't already wanted them together because of the books, this scene pretty much nailed it for me. The ship just set sail. LOL

But wait… there's more. I'm not the only one feeling the feelings. Elena's not nearly as unaffected by Clay as she wants him to believe. No way.

Visual Proof…



You shouldn't be here.

Tell me to leave.

Tell me you don't want to see me.

Or that you don't want me to see you.

Whew… can't blame her for not being able to speak…

All you have to do is tell me no.

She so doesn't… and the screen gets all steamy. :D :D

But… it's a dream and Elena wakes up to the sound of her name being whispered by…

Nick. LOL

He's there to wake her up and tell her she looks a-MAZ-ing. She looks the same. The same as she did a year ago… pretty the same as five years ago. See… it's not all a curse being a werewolf. Prolonged youth, now there's a silver lining, right? Yeah, not so much. When they get old… they're old that much longer.

Great bit of dialogue here.

Nick: Just take the compliment.
Elena: Or what?
Nick: Wouldn't you like to know.
Elena: Wouldn't you like to try.

They discuss being unable to blow off steam with a run… the breakfast bell sounds in the background.

Nick: Yeah, dad's been at the grill for the last half hour. Better get going before Peter eats all the bacon.
Elena groans
Nick: Or… I could stay in bed all day with you, if you prefer.
Elena: Nice try. But no dice. Now run along, little pup, I have to get dressed. Go!
Nick: Little pup?
Elena: Yeah.
Nick: You've seen the bone I can bury.

What can I say? I loved this conversation. I think it goes a long way to establish how close and comfortable Nick and Elena are, and it injects some humor, which also helps viewers get an idea of how Elena lived prior to moving to Toronto. I don't know, it really works for me.

Scene shift…

Elena calls Philip and gives him an update about well, the fake cousin's condition. Philip mentions running into Logan and wonders if he put Logan in the doghouse by mentioning the kids… his girlfriend seemed surprised. Oh, he's met Rachel? Eh, Elena's sure everything will be fine. Good. When everything is settled, Philip and Elena should have drinks with Logan and Rachel. Right… Elena quickly changes the subject to what Philip has planned for the day. He's meeting with a potential new client. What's she up to?

She's just getting up and can't remember the last time she didn't sleep next to Philip. How about last night? Before that doesn't matter. While the conversation is going, someone is coming up the steps and finally clears their throat.

Elena ends the call and of course it's Clay outside her door.

The snark flies.

C: You going to track a mutt in those clothes? Or maybe you're leaving.
E:  You can stop with the sentry act. I'm not going anywhere.
C: No? You're just trying to get out of here as soon as you can.
E: Oh. So now you're eavesdropping.
C: I didn't hear anything. Is there something to hear?
E: I have people who like to know where I am.
C: People or person?
E: You can stop digging. It's not as if you care.
C: Every day for the last year I've fought the urge to find you. To see you.
E: And yet you stayed away.
C: I was under orders from Jeremy.
E: Right. You wouldn't disobey. It's not in your nature.
C: You think you know my nature.

Random Commentary

Okay… put on the damn brakes here for a sec. Remember when I said to keep your hands and feet inside the rollercoaster? This is one of the reasons why. Holy shit, I've got whiplash. LOL

Let's see if we can break things down a little. I think there's some important information here but it's maybe getting lost in translation. First, remember when Elena whined to Logan about the questions starting from Clay? This may be what she meant. But honestly? Not exactly the inquisition, IMO. He's not asking anything a close friend wouldn't ask and they were a hell of a lot closer than friends if we go by the opening, right?

Follow that with the whole Clay not caring and that's when my whiplash starts. If Elena is happy with Philip and has moved on… does it matter if Clay cares? And he obviously does if he fought the urge to find and see her. And Elena challenges that statement—yet he stayed away. Well yeah, Jeremy ordered him to stay away. And she challenges him again—right, and Clay wouldn't disobey, it's not in his nature.

First, did she want him to, and second, if so, why? If she spent any time with Clay after she turned, she has to know he'd never disobey Jeremy. The one time Clay did resulted in, well… I hope to hell we actually get to see this onscreen. More thoughts on this later.

Here's the thing. This is very akin to Elena's character in the books—back and forth, up and down, hot and cold. The sometimes unreliable narrative drove me a little batshit. I'm not so sure it comes across well onscreen either. That said, I'm intrigued to see if they follow the books because I could grow to like the unreliable narration Elena provides.

She's all het up about Clay pushing a bunch of questions on her… yet to me, he holds WAY back. The way she described it to Logan, I kind of thought Clay would be up in her face, demanding answers, but yeah, not the case. And I love the way Greyston plays Clay. He seriously looks like he is keeping a tight rein on himself. It's like a physical presence. That I like. A lot.

I guess the key thing to walk away with here is the fact that Clay and Elena have a shit ton of baggage and neither are able to check it at the door. Elena, in my opinion, isn't fully cognizant of how much Clay has to hold back and/or refuses to see it. Clay can't let go because she's it for him—the person he mated to for life—which hasn't been shown on the screen, but it's not a hard leap to make for fans of shifter/wolf lore. I mean from the opening and the ring he still wears, it's a safe bet, IMO.

Here's hoping we get to see the how and why.

Back to Recappage

I love, love, love the breakfast scene. All the guys talking. Whether Elena's up yet? Are they waiting for Logan? And when she walks into the kitchen the total joy at having her there is truly apparent. And of course, there's the 'eat, eat, eat' stuff. And hey… a nod to Jeremy's translation career from the books when he translates Tonio's words.

He who moves, eats. He who sits still, dries up.

Must be a symptom of city life… Elena's been trying to get her appetite back to what it was. It's also great to see/hear how the others deal with the need to consume huge quantities of food. But Elena's right… it would be easier for a guy, or at least less noticeable.

Ahhh… nice moment with everyone at the table waiting, their attention on Jeremy, who's pretty much oblivious until after he gets his first bite down. They're waiting on him to give them the go ahead to eat their fill. One of the nice tie-backs to the books. No one ever eats before the alpha. And the fact Jeremy kind of forgot nicely underscores how long it's been since they've been together as a pack. Nicely done show.

Elena asks about Logan. He's on the way. She doesn't want to wait, she can start tracking now. Nope. She can't change in broad daylight, it's too risky. And going out as a human is not an option. So, send the guys with her, she can still track as a human.

She's been away from the pack for a year. Why not take some time to refresh her memory about the mutts, all her files are downstairs where she left them. They'll go over Jeremy's plan that night when Logan gets there.

Until then? Eat… and rest up. More bantery talk. Nick wants to know if Elena is ready to rest up. She doesn't need to 'rest up', she's got work to do. Pete thinks she's clearly out of practice. They should take it easy on her. No, no, no. She doesn't need them to take it easy on her.

Nick: Prove it. Five minutes. Back patio.

He's on.

Five minutes later, Elena's ready to rumble. And rumble she does. She's barely out the door when Nick dive bombs her and the fight is on. The back and forth is pretty even until Nick sends her sailing into the wall he just bounced off of, but Elena's not quite as lucky. She drops down into the open space.

Peter: Tell me you're not letting him off easy.
Elena: Maybe.
Nick: You're a horrible liar. City life has made you soft.
Elena: Really?

She makes a flying leap, lands back on the ground, and finally takes Nick down. He stands corrected. Corrected, yes. Standing no. Down he goes again.

After a few pop culture references, like how he's been waxing off too much in New York, Nick asks what she's been doing in Toronto. For sport? She can start there. (Which means he really wants to know what else she's been up to LOL) Racquet ball. And that brings on the laughter. What? It's a good workout.

Clay walks out and Nick and Elena do a few more quick jabs and blocks before Nick gets her in a headlock. Elena laughs and Nick plants a kiss on her cheek. Pete comments how hard it is to practice fighting anywhere else.

Nick: Clayton Danvers spectating at a fight?
Peter: There's a first.
Clay: Not spectating. Assessing.
Nick: Assessing the ass kicking I'll give you?
Clay: Now why would I want to humiliate my oldest and dearest friend?

Elena begs off to grab a shower.

Nick: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't you want to see me destroy this guy?
Elena: Actually… I do.
Peter: Now you've done it.

Damn right. And I’m a-okay with Elena doing it. Especially if it means Clay will rip off his shirt.

And I'm shallow enough to admit I could watch Clay and Nick spar all damn day. But… Nick is not the one doing the ass kicking.

Nick: Dammit, can't you let me win just once in our lives.
Clay: It's not in my nature.

An eyeroll moment for Elena

And a lovely call back to the books.

Nick: Same thing as when we were kids, huh?
Peter: No, this was different. This time you managed not to piss yourself.

From the books, the very first time Clay and Nick met, or maybe the first time they fought, Nick pissed right down his leg. LOL

The friendly back and forth makes Jeremy very happy. But Antonio reminds Jeremy that Elena's right. They could be out there tracking the mutt as humans. Jeremy doesn't disagree, but the mutt seems to hunt at night. That's the time they can best track him.

I love how Antonio totally knows what Jeremy's doing. Sure, good point, but the moment they find the mutt, Elena will leave again. Jeremy doesn't deny it. They all want her back. The best way to do that is to remind her that Stonehaven is her home. Antonio adds his two cents. They can only hope the good there outweighs the bad.

The scene moves to show Elena walking away from Clay… which would apparently be part of the bad.


Picking up, Elena is in the basement getting ready to work on the mutt files, and we get some good background info.

Made certain from this point forward, the two factions of werewolves—the noble pack who set and maintain the rules, and the mutts, lone wolves who are to be policed and punished…

Of the rules, the foremost is maintaining the secrecy of our kind. We are forbidden from undergoing the change in front of humans or from killing them unless the change occurs in their presence…

The only way for a woman to become a werewolf is to be bitten. It has long been speculated that women are not sufficiently strong enough to survive the process…


Except, Elena proved to be more than capable of surviving… wonder if that has deeper meaning?? And I'm sure it will, after I've read all the books. LOL

Moving on…

Elena drags her files out, all stored in a dusty, beat up cases, then she spots a particularly shiny case—you know, the kind drug dealers and arms smugglers use—and has something of a reaction. And it's not a 'one of these things is not like the other', it seems to go a little deeper.

But Pete pops in and distracts her. He's tried to make sense of her beyond cryptic filing system for over a year. LOL She's surprised Jeremy put him on mutt detail. He didn't. Peter, like an idiot, volunteered. :D

I love him.

What she sees is how she left it. Oh… and she needs to add Zachary Kane to her shit list. He had a run in with Clay a few months back.


—All mutts tracked and accounted for.
—Elena has a lot of memories of being on the road with Clay.
—She really used to hate the archive room. (I added the 'archive' part)
—But Peter's history lessons made her love coming down there.
—Yeah, well, she's a big part of that history… the only woman to survive being bitten.

There's one thing Elena never really understood. Peter's life could take him anywhere. When Jeremy calls… why does Peter come back?

—Dude, Jeremy saved Peter's life.
—No one likes to talk about it, but the Pete she knows? Not always the case.
—Twelve years ago, he was on tour and pretty strung out at the time.
—He took a groupie back to his room and in the haze of drugs… started the change.
—Peter panicked and killed her.
—He called Jeremy right away and begged for his life, told Jeremy he'd turn it all around for him.
—Dominic Sorrentino, the alpha at the time, would've sent Peter to his death if Jeremy hadn't fought for him

Elena knew he had a tough past, but not that he'd killed a human. (Hmm… interestingly enough, Peter actually followed the rules we just heard. This is an issue I had with the books, too. Might dive into this a little more later)

Jeremy fixed everything, including Peter. Gave him time to go walkabout and sort himself out. That's what Jeremy's done for Elena the past year. So yeah, when Jeremy calls, Peter comes back, because everything Jeremy is doing is about their survival, about the long game. And like it or not, Elena is very much a part of that plan.

Too effing bad. Elena doesn't want the warm embrace of the family… after what she did. After killing Jose Carter, she only wanted out. Yeah, well, the support of the pack, the family, Stonehaven, without them? They're bound to fail. But according to Elena, with them… they're bound to kill. She doesn't ever want to do that again. As Peter puts it, nothing says she has to, but she's taking it a step further and trying to be human, which is just as dangerous. If she tries to push the wolf down, it won't stay down for very long.

Random Commentary…

I loved this scene. I had a few issues with continuity in the books, but figured I missed something. Actually, in the book, Peter killed a girl and her roommate showed up, if memory serves. Now that added a big ass wrinkle to things.

But for the show… since the change occurred in front of a human, Peter really didn't have any other choice but to kill her, based on the lore of the pack. What's not on the screen is the fact he'd more or less left the pack and that's why Jeremy fighting for him was such a big deal.

I also love the tie-back to Logan's warning to Elena. She can't fight the change… sooner or later it'll force itself on her. Having Peter take the idea a step further and warn Elena that trying to play human will eventually bite her on the ass is important, IMO. And throwing in the mention of how she felt after killing someone adds another nice layer. Hopefully we'll see a little more on the subject.

Shift Scene…

Oh, hell. Please do not tell me the mutt is gonna go after a little kid. Well, fuck. He totally did. Dammit. And okay, that's a huge assumption on my part, but what else can it be, right?

Back at Stonehaven…

Elena is up to date on the scents and locations of the usual suspects, mutts who've had recent run-ins with the pack, and gives Jeremy the rundown.

—For starters, Zachary Kane. Running  a car theft ring and Clay caught him and shut it down.
—She doesn't have anything recent on Malcolm Danvers.
—Jeremy's father? He's dead. Eight months ago, he got challenged by a mutt. Someone always took a run at Malcolm.

Yeah, not much of a reaction from Jeremy, which surprises Elena. She also has no idea what to say. Jeremy fills her in. His dad hated him, from the moment he was born, because he wasn't the son he imagined having. After the battle for Alpha, no way could they reconcile. Jeremy doesn’t grieve the man. He might grieve the father he might have been.

Nice moment when Elena says good fathers are hard to come by… this should come up later.

But, back to the mutts. No one hates the pack more than Daniel Santos. Clay killed his brother, Daniel got excommunicated. Great thought, but the scent didn't belong to Daniel.

And look what the wolf dragged in. Logan! Everyone's accounted for… time to get started.

—A local girl got killed by a mutt.
—The body was dumped on the outskirts of town and now hunters are on the edge of the property.
—With the bounty on the wolf, there will be more.
—They'll put an end to the chaos tonight. Elena pulled up the files on the mutts with the most recent vendettas with the pack, starting with Kane.

As Clay puts it, he left him hurting. Kane got the message. Awesome, but they could be dealing with anyone who has crossed their paths in the past. Peter and Logan will search West Bear Valley, Antonio and Jeremy will cover Main Street, and Nick, Clay, and Elena will check out the industrial area.

Elena is super thrilled with the idea.

They can change if they have to, but discretion is the key. Something tells me that's gonna bite one of them on the ass.

And aside from a small exchange of smiles between Nick and Clay, both men wisely keep their mouths shut when they exit the room…

Cue commercial break


Okay, I'll be totally honest, I'm all head-scratchy over why Clay and Nick think it's a great idea to change in the middle of town. Yeah, yeah, Elena suggested splitting up to cover more ground, and sure, I guess they could cover more area in wolf-form… if there didn't happen to be a bounty on ANY wolves spotted.

But hey… I can roll with whatever. LOL

So, they'll stay upwind of any hunters and spot them before the gun-toting club sees them in changed form. Besides, if they find the mutt, Nick wants to be in wolf mode. Wait, wait, wait. He's not going to kill the mutt. Clay's like, hello? He killed a girl. And Elena shoots right back. He'll pay, but no killing while she's around. Agreed?

Like Clay and Nick are really gonna argue, right? Fine… let's run.

LOL… I love how Elena excuses herself to go elsewhere. Me? I'm perfectly happy to ogle the hot men.

In wolf-mode, off they go. Elena (I'm assuming) follows the scent of the mutt to his lovely hovel. Yep, it's her. And uh oh… a very naked clay is in human mode and decides it'd be a great idea to pet Elena.


Dude's lucky he still has his hand. LOL Um, yeah. Head on inside, Clay and give Elena time to cool off.

Oh yeah, and find some clothes. How convenient there are a bunch of garments hanging on a clothesline, right?

And ohhh boy… she's pissed when she throws Clay some pants and lets him have it with both barrels. Don't ever pet me like that again. To Clay's credit, he keeps his mouth shut… and gets dressed… letting Elena focus on the job at hand.

Oh, Clay… I love your honesty, but really? You're pissing Elena off.

E: This place smells like death. How did you find it before me?
C: I didn't. I followed you.
E: I don't need a bodyguard.
C: It was for my own protection. You have a better sense of smell. You'd clock the hunters way before I could.

Thank the universe Nick shows up and breaks the tension with his choice of wardrobe options.

What? It's a little East Village, but I'm not putting on that negligée out there.

Doesn't matter. The mutt isn't there. And Elena doesn't have a bead on its scent. It's new to her… it almost smells newly turned. And that's quite the surprise, according to Nick. "You're telling me, you can smell newly turned?"

She's saying it smells different. And ewwww! She finds a chunk of scalp under the bed. No wonder it smells like death. It also means another killing. (Hello, missing girl the sheriff mentioned earlier). Elena knew she should've gone out tracking last night. And that could've been her. For once, Elena doesn't argue with Clay's assessment.

Nick suggests going back to Jeremy with the news… unless they want to wait around for the mutt. You know, then snap its neck. Clay's got the right idea… they should clear out so he doesn't have a chance to smell them and cut out. They should change and go home.

Oops. Elena's not so cool with that idea. Change again? Nick's like, what? You want us to walk back? Clay gets points for thinking Elena's drama is more about changing in front of them and offering to change in the other room and meet her outside.

Too bad he's got it wrong. It's more about not being able to change again so fast. The way she's been fighting it and trying to live as a human is really biting her on the ass right now. After a bit of a struggle, she finally manages to get the change started, but…

When she exits the mutt's place, two guys see her and have a big 'oh shit' moment. They wonder what to do and one grabs a bottle. "If we kill this thing, we get the bounty." But when Elena growls and bares her teeth, they trip all over themselves to cut and run.

Cue commercial break

Random Commentary

Okay, chalk this one up to me watching the episode a zillion times, but if Jeremy wanted them tracking in human form, why the flaming hell would they wolf out? This is one of those logic farts that drive me nuts. And this follows the book, so yeah, that's why. But, what didn't follow the book is how they left and that's the flawed logic.

If they live pretty far out of town, why wouldn't they all drive and park, then track? Instead, according to Nick, they'd have to walk home. So… since they were all dressed when they got to town, should we assume they have a stash of clothes somewhere in Bear Valley? I don't think so. They didn't change until they got into the town. So… it would've made more sense for Nick to ask if they were supposed to walk around back dressed like they were, because yeah, him running around in super tight briefs and too small T-shirt would've drawn buttloads of attention they don't need. LOL


Back at Stonehaven

Pack meeting in the basement. Elena revisits her theory. The mutt is someone new and no one they know. She thinks he's been newly bitten in.

Interesting. Because mutts bite to kill and the likelihood of a human surviving the bite is negligible. Throw in the suicide rate after their first change and they're looking at an incredible situation here.

But the changes aren't entirely no, right?

Okay, Nick, nice devil's advocate moment. Maybe the mutt's new status means he doesn't know the rules and if he doesn't, he clearly isn't aware he threatens to expose all of them if he changes in front of a human. (Too bad he's totally aware of that aspect and doesn't give a shit.)

So… Jeremy's plan is to set up a perimeter around his place and keep a close watch. When he returns, they grab him… quietly. Jeremy expects discipline from Clay.

Clay's not completely down with the idea.

Jeremy wants the mutt alive. He wants to know who bit him. The pack can't have being made indiscriminately and unleashed on the world. Let's move out.

Uh oh. Clay wants Elena to wait up. What was with her last night? She took forever to change. If she had her way, she wouldn't change at all. So… twice in one day was too much? He needs to not change the subject. The fact of the matter? He pet her. Yeah, well, she let him. HA! He's lucky he still has his hand.

And a tense moment begins…

Clay doesn't want Elena going on the hunt unless she stays by his side.

She's not going on the hunt… it's not why she came to Stonehaven.

We both know that's not true.


I love a good scene played with a subtle touch and loaded with subtext. This one is jammed full of it. From the way Clay slowly drags his hand along Elena's arm to how hard it is for her to meet him eye to eye, the scene screams there's so much more to this story!! And I love the body language. Greyston looks like he's physically holding back because he WANTS to be Elena's everything. And Laura's got this skittish quality that oozes 'if I spend five more seconds around this guy, I'll totally cave and BE his everything'. I don't know, it really works for me.

And I think the back and forth could be very fun to watch.


Uh oh, time for Elena to face the alpha. Some local kids are posting rumors about a wolf and Jeremy doubts they'd be alive if they saw the mutt. So…

—Yeah, that was Elena. No excuse. She's sorry.
—The town in under a curfew. There's a bounty on wolves. It'll only escalate until they catch the mutt.
—Elena helped track him like Jeremy asked. The rest can take it from there.
—Nope. Jeremy asked her to help catch the mutt.
—Right. And Elena's asking him not to do that to her again. Jose Carter was enough.


One year ago
Houston, Texas

E: Mr. Carter, you promised proof of a werewolf. The collectors I represent would like definitive proof.
J: And you will see it.

Notice the case? It's the same one down in the basement at Stonehaven…

E: What is it?
J: Werewolf. I tracked him. Caught him mid-transformation. I took his arm with my machete, and that werewolf is still down there. Game hunters will pay me a lot of money to go down and find him.
E: How many others have seen this?
J: You… are the first.
E: I'll take it off your hands now. Just name your price.
J: It doesn't work that way.
E: I'm willing to whatever you'd like.
J: My plan is this. The hunter with the highest bids comes down to Ecuador with me to catch it.
E: I thought you were gonna kill it.
J: Eventually. But first we're gonna make it tell us where the others are. Because where there's one, there could be hundreds.

Oh, dude. You just said the wrong thing. LOL

And oh yeah, he totally did. Elena's not going to let him take the arm. Jose isn't overly thrilled with her attempt to take the case. She's not taking it anywhere.

He gets physical and she asks him not to do this. Dumb guy doesn't listen and Elena has to show him who kicks more ass.

And who doesn't need a machete to get the job done.

Um, yeah. Elena freaked herself out there just a little.

And back to the current timeline she's not going to let Jeremy reassure her. She doesn't care if Jose Carter threatened to expose them or if killing him proved to be the right thing to do. Or the only thing to do. Maybe for Jeremy, but for her? She lost her humanity. She tore into Carter like he was a present.

A defining thing for her. The moment after she killed Carter, she realized everything at Stonehaven… Jeremy… Clay… the ability to run… none of it was worth it if she had to be that thing again.

And you know what? Jeremy's got a point. That thing is who she is. But Elena wants to be who she is in Toronto—a normal person, NOT a killer.

But this is an entirely different situation. The mutt could kill again and it's killing humans. And yeah, maybe, but Jeremy will find him. And kill him. She doesn't want to be a part of that.

Did she forget she's talking to the alpha? No. Or if she did for a moment, she remembered, because she asks his permission to go.

Jeremy grants it… but he's not happy. I'm pretty sure he's convinced they've lost Elena.

Cut to the next morning and Elena exits the house with Clay hot on her heels.

C: You can't go. Not yet. We're not done.
E: I am.
C: That's not what I'm talking about.

Nick picks that opportune time to come up, out of breath. They're gonna want to see this. Clay takes off immediately… but Elena pauses. I'm thinking with that horrible gut feeling that shit just got real in a way she's not gonna like. She does drop her stuff and follow.

Oh, yippee. Dickhead hunter is out with his dog and some buddies. We know that's not gonna end well, right?

Of course not. Semi-smart hunter guy stops Hank (Dickhead hunter guy) and says they could call the sheriff. Sure, they could. But Blue's got the scent. They ain't waiting.


Because guess whose property they just barged onto?

Yep. Called that one.

And the pack is fucked because here's what they found—a gruesome sight…

He's just a child.

Roll End Credits

Final Thoughts

What a somber note to end on, right? The mutt definitely has it out for the pack, and with Hunter Dumbass hot on the trail, things at Stonehaven will probably get pretty sticky. Which means Elena could get caught in the crossfire and be stuck there.

All in all, a great episode. Again, I wonder a little if not reading the books will put people off. There's a wealth of information that fills in a lot of the blanks, but the show deviates enough that I'm usually surprised by something… which I love. A lot. :D

That's it for this week… stay tuned for episode three recap in the near future.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Arrow SkyCap Episode 2: Honor Thy Father

Welcome back to the crazy world of SkyCaps. This is the place I blather on about the shows that alter my universe and eat my brain. And hopefully share my love for the writing, cast, and storylines.

Standard warning—always keep drink safely away from the computer, device or keyboard when reading. Be prepped and ready for snarky commentary and foul language. I get excited and sometimes upset and when I do, the four letter words fly. I also make up words to fit my moods, so there's that, too. I'm not always on the same wavelength with others. This means off the wall opinions, observations and non-stop rambling is pretty much a given. Spoilers and speculation abound. If you haven't seen the episode and don't want it ruined, step away from the recap and run in the opposite direction.

As always, keep your hands and feet inside the roller coaster at all times. Safety first, folks. The ride gets bumpy. J

Okay, everyone ready?

Here we go…


The day I went missing…

Was the day I died…

Five years in hell forged me into a weapon…

Which I use to honor a vow I made to my father…

Who sacrificed his life for mine…

In his final moments, he told me the truth.

That our family's wealth had been built on the suffering of others…

That he'd failed our city, and it was up to me to save it, and right his wrongs…

But to do that without endangering the people closest to me…

I have to be someone else…

I have to be something else…

Cut to a rooftop and Oliver taking on about five guys with three in reserve. Two arrows launched and the call goes out to get the chopper back. Who is this guy? Dudes, you're about to find out…

Two, no three, more guys down and Oliver's target starts begging. Please, please wait. But Oliver isn't in the mood to wait for anything. He sends the guy flying down to the next level of the rooftop and shoves his face into really close to a whirling fan.

"Marcus Redmond, you've failed this city…"

The rest of the instructions are tersely delivered. Tell his partner to give those pensioners back their money. Now.

Oliver walks away.

Cut to the Queen residence with Walter, Moira, and Thea starting their morning with the news playing in the background. Redmond followed the instructions, saying it was always the plan, but the news reports he'd been coerced by the vigilante.

Oliver: This guy gets more airtime than the Kardashians. (If only. *eye roll*)

Thea: Five years on an island and you still know who they are.


Oliver's been catching up. Dude, I could recommend some MUCH better TV than that. Seriously.

Anyway, Oliver's glad to see how much their culture has improved while he'd been away. Moira chimes in with how things are different. People used to think the city was safe.

Thea's catty response about being next makes me chuckle. I'd say they're safe…

For now.

Ahh. Oliver has to be declared not dead. Fun times. And Oliver's fine… he's been in the courtroom before. Four times by Tommy's estimation…

—Assault on a douchbag paparazzi
—Stealing a taxi, which was just awesome, by the way. LOL
—And who can forget peeing on a cop.

Oh, Oliver, such a misspent youth.

Anyway, Oliver would hang but they're headed for Court. Tommy's down with that. He wouldn't miss his best friend being legally resurrected for the world.

Thea, on the other hand, thinks the first four times with Ollie in Court was quite enough.

Fair enough.

Side Note: I love how Oliver is pretty laid back about Thea not wanting to go. There's got to be some residual sibling tension after his party, yeah?

Enter Diggle… the car is ready. Awww… gotta love Tommy offering his arm to Moira. Can't blame her disinclination to take it after he did such an excellent job of reminding her of Oliver's former transgressions. :D

And cut to exiting the car into a mad swirl of reporters asking lame ass questions.

Mr. Queen, how does it feel to return to civilization after five years?
Did anything else happen on that island, Mr. Queen?

Oliver is not thrilled.

And here's why… flashback to the yacht splitting in half…

Tell us about the accident Mr. Queen, five years on an island.

Flash to Sarah going down…

Tell us about it

Oliver: There was a storm. The boat went down. I was the only survivor.

My father didn't make it.

I almost died. I, I thought that I had, because I spent so many days on that life raft before I saw the island.

When I reached it, I knew. I knew that I was gonna have to live for both of us.

And in those five years, it was that one thought that kept me going.

So the attorney moves to do whatever it is to lift the motion filed for death in absentia. But not for his father, Robert. The Queen family only gets one miracle.

Can you blame Oliver for begging off going to the office? The whole being declared not dead ended up being 'heavier' than he thought it would be. I rather like Tommy calling him on it. Last week, Oliver couldn't wait to get back to the office. Then again, Oliver had just spent five years away from civilization, he wasn't exactly thinking straight.

Speaking of not thinking straight…

Hello, Laurel.

O: Hi
L: What are you doing here?
O: Oh, they were bringing me back from the dead, legally speaking. What are you doing here?
L: My job.
O: Right.
J: More like the DA's.

Oliver introduces himself to Laurel's client and the fur flies…

L: Oliver just got back from spending five years on an uncharted island. Before that, he was cheating on me with my sister. He was with her when she died, and last week he told me to stay away from him. It was really good advice. Excuse me.

Oi. At least Tommy's got the right moves again… Come on, buddy. Shake it off.

LOL I seriously love Tommy to bits. Even though he and Laurel had their own little thing going on… more on this as the recaps progress.

Ahhh… I think Oliver just acquired his new target. Martin Somers. Who plans to fight Laurel's slander to his last dime and breath… he's an honest business man, don't you know. *eye roll*

Oliver has to fight his way to the car, with Diggle running interference. I love it when Digg threatens to make one of the guys eat his Nikon. Of course Oliver tears off in the care by himself. And once again, Tommy has some words of wisdom.

This happens to you a lot, doesn't it?


Back to Court and Laurel is making her case about a stevedore on the docks in the city they live in. Intermixed is what Somers did to Victor Nocenti when he found out Somers was taking bribes from the Chinese Triad to move drugs into the city. Somers is connected to the DA's office and since they won't seek justice, Laurel will.

Cut to Oliver in his lair, also known as the Foundry, doing what he does best… working out and giving the audience something awesome to look at while he provides exposition.

See… proof:

What? Arrows aren't pretty?

Basically, Oliver explains how Laurel targets the worst in the city so it's no surprise Somers is on his father's list. And because the police and DA can't—or won't—stop him, Laurel thinks she's the only one who can bring him to justice.

But she's wrong…

Random Commentary

See… I really like the way Arrow handles exposition. Give me something gorgeous to look at while filling me in. What's not to enjoy, right? And I love the island flashbacks. Finding out what happened to Oliver in small doses that tie in to what he's got going on now works for me. And both the exposition and flashbacks add some depth and make the show for me.

Meanwhile… on the docks…

Somers reams his attorney and rips him a new one. The longer this goes on, the more likely the media will crucify him. Well, no shit, dumbass. That's the point. *shakes head* Anyway, does the lawyer understand him? Yes, sir.

Darkness falls.

An arrow whistles through the air.

Flash of light. Somers is dumbfounded.

Another arrow zings. And another.

Flash of light. Somers is freaked out.

Zing. Zing.

Now Somers is shaking in his Italian loafers. (What? I'm assuming that's what he'd wear. Go with it. LOL)

The attorney is down. All the other goons are down. It's just Somers, whipping his head around trying to figure out what the fuck.


Dark Flash

Cue Oliver upside down in the frame. Wait… no… check that. Somers is hanging upside down from a yardarm, or whatever the hell those crane things are called.

Martin Somers! You have failed this city!

Oliver notches an arrow and takes aim.

Somers is pissing down his leg, er… well, I guess maybe his arm since he's upside down. Oliver lets the arrow fly then makes his wishes clear.

Martin will testify at the trial.
He's going to confess to having Victor Nocenti killed.
There won't be a second warning.

He shoots another arrow, targeting Martin's face and leaves a nice little mark behind.

Cue Opening Credits

Side Note: Pretty incredible aim, considering Somers is weaving back and forth in the air. Nicely done, show. Nicely done.


Oh dear… Moira is giving Diggle shit about not doing his job. She hired him to protect her son. She's not a professional bodyguard, but isn't the first requirement managing to stay next to the man Diggle's hired to protect?

Diggs response: With all due respect, ma'am, I've never had a client who didn't want my protection.

Tough shit, Digg. Moira hired you, not Oliver. That makes her the client. By the way, where is her son going on his chaperoneless excursions?

Diggle truly doesn't know.

Enter Oliver… and he really doesn't. Perhaps Oliver would like to share with Moira where he goes?

Oliver: I've been alone for five years.
Moira: I know that…
Oliver: Mom… alone.

Ah. She's finally got it. Oliver promises to introduce her if it every gets to the exchanging of names. LOL. I love him. So much.

But Moira would rather he take Mr. Diggle on his rendezvouses. It's not safe. He's already been abducted once. There's a maniac out there hunting the wealthy.

Yo, Moira. YOU abducted Oliver, remember?

That maniac saved Oliver life. Wait, I mean that maniac IS Oliver. :D

Diggle would rather be anywhere but in the middle of family drama, right?

Anyway… Moira lost Oliver once. She's not going through it again.

Oliver: Okay. Digg's my guy.

He's sorry he's given Digg so much grief.

Dude, Digg served three tours in Afghanistan, you don't come close to his definition of grief.

But… if Oliver ditches Digg again, Moira won't have to fire him.


I really like the interaction between Oliver and Diggle. The perverse side of me wants Oliver to ditch him again… just to do it. LOL

Back to recappage.

Oliver wants to know where Thea is going. Someplace loud and smoky, and by the way, don't bother pickpocketing her stash. She's going to get drunk instead.

Here's the important info on the sibling conversation.

—Would their dad want this for her?
—Dead people don't want anything. It's one of the benefits of being dead.
—Oliver was dead and he wanted a lot.
—Except for his family. He's been home a week and all he does is avoid their mom, ignore Walter and judge Thea.
—Oliver should wait up.


This is one of my favorite things about the show. Oliver obviously has reasons for doing all of the above but he can't share them with his family, let alone anyone. I think the show does a great job building and showing the contrast and conflict Oliver's double life creates.

Think about it. He spent five years on an island. How the hell is he supposed to adjust to being back in the family fold, surrounded by people, technology, and everything he could want or need? He's got a mission to achieve and a goal to reach. But no one knows about it, so he comes across as being a ginormous dickhead sometimes, which makes sense, in my opinion. The fact Thea calls him on it plays nicely from a bratty sibling angle and also from a place where he's been gone those five years and she does what she wants.

I don't know, it just works for me.

Back to recap…

On the docks…

Detective Lance gets exactly nowhere with Somers.

—They come all the way down to the docks and guess what? Somers doesn't need him.
—So the 911 call about Somers getting attacked by a guy in green hood and bow and arrow was a joke, right? (Please note the lovely arrow mark in the desk.)
—Lance would love to believe the guys like to joke around, except for one thing.

Evidence to the contrary


—There's a vigilante trying to prove a point. Rob from the rich, whatever, but he's a killer.
—Nothing and no one is going to stop Lance from bringing him down.

But hey, like Somers said, clearly nothing happened, right?

More evidence to the contrary

Ha! Somers tries to write things off as a conflict of interest. After all, Laurel is suing him. Lance is pretty good at keeping his emotions in check. (Really? I think not. LOL) Somers is NOT good at it. Lance and his daughter don't want to find out what Somers is capable of when he gets emotional.
Hmm… that sound suspiciously like a threat, yeah?

Meanwhile at Queen Consolidated

Walter mentions they've modernized quite a bit. My question is what would they need to modernize in five years? Not like there'd be a huge change over that timeframe, but whatever, I'll roll with it. Hmm… unless Walter is referring to the employees. Oliver definitely seems to like the females… and they seem to like him, too. LOL He's enjoying himself. Walter remembers how much Oliver loved coming to the office as a boy. Robert let him drink soda. (Good reason to like going, right?)

So much so that when Walter starts talking diversification and focusing on bio-tech and clean energy, Oliver develops a powerful thirst for something sparkling and cold. Come on, Oliver, Moira and Walter have something they want to discuss…

Sit down…

It makes Oliver nervous when she asks him to sit.


Okay, he doesn't really look nervous, but it's nice to look at him, right?

Anyway, here's the breakdown of the conversation

—They're getting ready to break ground on the new Applied Sciences division and want to honor Robert by naming it for him.
—Nice (From Oliver)
—At the dedication, they want to announce Oliver will be taking a leadership position in the company
—Uh, no. (From Oliver)
—It's Oliver's company.
—Oliver doesn't want to lead anything. Walter is doing a very nice job.

Diggle isn't surprised by this news.

Random commentary…

The next part with Moira and Oliver is another reason I love the show so much. She drives home the point Oliver said he wanted to be a different person, he IS Robert Queen's son. Oliver doesn't need to be reminded of that, and he really doesn't. Hello, the episode is titled Honor Thy Father, right? But the conflict of who is he REALLY is versus the guy he's pretending to be clash once again. According to Moira, Oliver obviously needs to be reminded whose son he is. Enter Walter, who kind of seems to get it, everyone understands how difficult the transition is for Oliver. And no, they kind of don't, but I love how Walter seems to be the one who tries the hardest. Remember how he mentioned if Oliver didn't want a bodyguard/babysitter he shouldn't have to have one?

Yeah, on some level, Walter at least attempts to put himself in Oliver's shoes, and realizes there's a shit ton of stuff he can't begin to imagine. Then again, he's not Oliver's mom or sister, so it's way easier for him to have that outlook.

But Oliver's got a great point when he asks which part people understand about the transition? The one where they fantasize Oliver got his MBA on the island? Or the part where his father's CFO now sleeps down the hall from Oliver. Ouch. Burn. But maybe needed to be said, right?

Think about it.

Oliver's gone for five years. He comes back and his mom is remarried to his dad's best friend. Whap! That's a bit of reality he couldn't have anticipated. He also made a promise to his dad to right his wrongs, which Oliver can't really do if he's tied to a desk working a nine to five (or more like nine to nine) job. Reality smack. And another thing Oliver probably didn't consider. He's still trying to find his bearings and meld his two lives (island and home) together while trying to keep his identities (Oliver and Vigilante) separate. I'm actually surprised his head isn't spinning around trying to keep up.

And I love it. Everything. All. (In case that's not noticeable. LOL)

Anyway, five years ago, Moira found Oliver's irresponsibility somewhat charming. It's a lot less so now.

And okay, Moira, I understand where you're coming from, but think about this… your son has barely been back long enough to catch his breath and you want him to start running a company? Remember what the doctor said? He might not be the same man who left.

Well, guess what? He's not.

And once again, Diggle is stuck in the middle of family drama.

Fun times. But you know, I think maybe Diggle's quiet observation might pay off. I kind of get the vibe he's becoming more sympathetic to Oliver's situation. *shrugs* Maybe it's just me.

Back to recappage…

I wonder if Oliver is getting sick of reporters yet?

Interesting how Diggle gets in the back seat. Smart guy.

Oliver doesn't put up a fuss either. The exchange with Moira and Walter took its toll, IMO. Oliver is very subdued.

Great conversation here:

Digg: You know, I spent the first twenty-seven years of my life in Starling City and the next five in Afghanistan; you wanna know what I learned?
Oliver: There's no place like home?
Digg: No, just the opposite. Home is a battlefield. Back home they're all trying to get you. Get you to open up. Be somebody you're not sure you are anymore. Or I could be wrong. Maybe after five years alone, you're not as messed up in the head as you have every right to be.

I think we've just seen the birth of an understanding here, people.


Oliver wakes up on the island and discovers birds taking roost around his dad. He stumbles down, chases them away, and I think, hopes to find out everything had been a nightmare. No such luck. And yes, I'd be sick, too.

And think about it… having to drag your dead father out of a life raft and carry him somewhere the animals and birds couldn't get to him would be like living a really bad dream.


Over at CNRI

So, Laurel and Joann try to explain how difficult the trial will be for Emily. She doesn't care. It's not about money; it's about justice for her dad. They slit his throat. And they'll have to kill Emily if they want her to give up.

Laurel hopes it doesn’t come to that.

And it won't. Enter Detective Lance with round the clock police protection. The trio better get used to their faces because the detail will be going wherever they go. No arguments.

Lovely Dad/Daughter exchange here…

L: I'm a lawyer, I live to argue.
Q: I'm your father, I live to keep you safe.

And this…

L: Protective custody? I seem to recall you trying that once I discovered boys. It didn't work then either.
Q: This isn't a joke, Laurel.

Seriously, I quite enjoy their interactions. The back and forth rings very true for me. J

Anyway, Somers got attacked and Laurel has whipped up a storm. She will be protected. End of discussion. Laurel tries again, but Quentin gives it right back. She's doing her job. That's great. But he's doing his, too. Not just as her dad, but as cop. Somers and company are more dangerous than Laurel is willing to admit. And she's pissed them off.

You think?


See… I like the development here, but would love to see more. What compels Laurel to go toe to toe with a guy like Somers? I don't know it would be kind of nice to see a little more about what drives her to seek out the biggest and baddest and take them on. Just saying.

Scene Shift

Hello China White…

Okay, we aren't told that's who meets with Somers, but if you follow the comics, it can't be anyone else. And this chick is bad ass, but she's also wrapped up in a pretty package. She's polite and very pleasant while discussing business.


Somers: Thank you for coming.
China: Anything for a friend.
Somers: We're not friends. You smuggle drugs. I let you use my port.
China: For which you're paid a lot of money.

Right. But not enough to have arrows shot at him. She needs to take the guy seriously. He's a bigger threat to her operation than Nocenti ever was. Only it's Nocenti's daughter who's proving to be a problem. And unlike Martin's friend in the hood, they know where to find Emily. Somers had a point about being an idiot. Laurel would never let it go if they take Emily out. She won't stop until she burns Somers, China, and the entire triad to the ground.

Fine. Then they kill Laurel.

Gee, Somers doesn't have any kind of problem with that.

Cue Commercial


Oi… before getting to what Somers' attorney says, let's have a reminder of what Oliver went through on the island.

Yeah, scars all over the place. I'm actually hoping we'll get to see what happened to put all those jagged lines there. (Okay, I'm really interested in the tattoos, too.)

Please note I used restraint and did NOT give in to the temptation to post an image of the AOW. :D

Okay, so the attorney for Somers confirms he has no intention of testifying. Oliver is not thrilled.


Somers maintains his innocence in Nocenti's death.

Enter Thea—who doesn't bother to knock on Ollie's door and gets an eyeful of his battle wounds—much to Oliver's dismay.

And she asks the same question Tommy did. What happened to him out there?

Oliver doesn't want to talk about it. Of course he doesn't. He doesn't want to talk to Thea about anything… except her social life. And why should she tell him where she's going? Her response prompts Oliver to apologize. He needs to get better at talking about what happened to him, but he's not ready yet. Okay?

Thea goes a little thoughtful, which is maybe about time, right? Then she asks Oliver if he has a second. Yeah. Good. She wants to show him something out back.

Scene Shift.

Random Commentary

The next bit with Oliver and Thea by the headstones is actually pretty great. In something of a brief scene, the aftermath and effects of losing Oliver and Robert is revealed. A month after the funerals, Moira stopped going out. After that, she stopped talking altogether. The house got so quiet, Thea used to head out to the burial plots and talk to her brother.

She'd talk about stupid stuff—what she did that day, what boy she had a crush on, and sometimes… she'd ask, BEG, Oliver to find his way home to her. Now he's here, and the truth is… she felt closer to him when he was dead. Ouch. But a good point. And she gets it was hell where he was (maybe not really, because seriously? How could she?), but it was hell at home, too. Oliver needs to let her in. He needs to let SOMEONE in.

Gotta say, Willa does a great job here. I love how the show isn't skimping on letting viewers see both sides of Oliver's absence. And having Oliver so closed off, it helps to see his sister attempting to break through, otherwise he runs the risk of coming off like a total asshat, which he probably does, but his reasons for being one are valid.

He just can't share them. J

Scene Shift

Good to see Laurel taking the threat from Somers seriously. If she's got police protection, who the hell would be knocking on her door?

Oliver, of course.

Their exchange is quite charming. Oliver wonders if she's okay… there are two cop cars outside. And Laurel wonders how she's supposed to stay away from him if he won't stay away from her.

What is he doing there?

Well, see, Thea pointed out he's been distant since he got back and he should probably let somebody in. His utter awkwardness is too awesome for words. And of course Laurel blasts him. So he thought he'd start with the first person he pushed away. He did that to protect her, but when he saw her the day before, he realized he'd hurt her. As far as being enlightened goes, Oliver doesn't totally suck. Much. J And it works. Laurel lets him in.


Has anyone noted how stiff Oliver's bearing is? I mean, he holds himself very rigid, like he's waiting for some horrible event to occur. I rather like that.

Back to recappage.

So, Laurel's apartment hasn't changed in five years. Gee, Oliver, she hasn't had time to redecorate.

Oliver: I'm a jerk. Before the island, I was a jerk. And now, I just a… damaged jerk.


Time for a subject change. What's in the bag?

Oliver thought about many things on the island, but there was one thing he thought about every day. He actually dreamed about it… and he promised himself if he ever got a chance to do it again, he'd do it with Laurel.

Get your minds out of the gutter people… Oliver wants to eat ice cream with her. LOL

And  a lovely little twisty smile from Laurel.

Pan to a little later…

The ice cream is as good as Oliver remembers. Maybe unloading some of his turmoil will be good, too? He confesses Moira wants him to join the company, yeah, take his rightful place. Laurel can't exactly picture him as master of the universe.

You know, after five years, Oliver has plans. Things he has to do. He can't do them if he's attending board meetings and stockholder briefings. I love Laurel's response:
"Oliver, you're an adult. You can say no."

Oh, yeah, he tried. Didn't take. Okay, then. Don't tell Moira. Show her. Be the person you want her to see you as. Oliver should trust Laurel, she's got plenty of experience with disapproving parents.

No shit. Oliver's been on the receiving end of her father's disapproval. Eh, Lance blames himself more than he blames Oliver. Maybe if Lance and Sara were closer, she would've told him about the boat trip… and he could've stopped her from going with Oliver.

O: I am sorry.
L: You apologized already.
O: It'll never be enough.

Thank goodness the long awkward moment afterward is interrupted by a sound coming from another room.

Oliver hears it and stealthily grabs a butter knife (Seriously?) from the table and grabs Laurel and it's ACTION STATIONS!! (Sorry… probably the wrong recap for that phrase. LOL). Someone's on the fire escape and all hell breaks loose. The front door crashes open and bullets start flying. Oliver and Laurel turn and head for her bedroom. SMASH! A guy dives in through the window and more bullets follow Oliver and Laurel out of the room.

Enter China White with her wicked blades. Oliver's stuck. He makes a move with Laurel to find another escape and comes face to face with one of her goons. Two shots strike him from behind and Diggle joins the fray. He takes out the other guy from the bedroom, but CW jabs him in the hand with one of her blades. They go hand to hand and toe to toe, with CW getting the upper hand. She's got Diggle on the floor ready to strike a death blow.

Oliver saves the day with the butter knife, flinging it across the room, with precision aim I might add, and knocks CW's blade from her hand, much to Diggle's shock. CW makes a mad dash for parts unknown.

Laurel runs safely into Oliver's arms and Diggle grabs his gun then checks to make sure Oliver if all right. See… it's not such a bad idea to have a bodyguard.

Oliver checks Laurel over and cue commercial break.

Random commentary.

Whew! Talk about kick ass action. I can't say enough about how beautifully filmed and choreographed the fight scenes are. Adrenaline pumping sequences for the win!


The city shots are quite gorgeous. Just saying.

Back at Laurel's apartment… the coroner's office is on scene removing bodies. Lance makes his way through the chaos to Laurel. Happy reunion time. She's okay… what about the two cops Lance put on her? Lance shakes his head. Diggle went outside to ask for a light and both were dead. Laurel is mortified, as she should be.

Lance thanks Diggle. He's got a free pass to run as many red lights in the city as he wants. Diggle was just doing his job. No, his job is to protect Oliver. Seems like whenever Oliver is with one of Lance's daughters, people die.

Gotta give Oliver credit… he doesn't face plant the detective. Instead, he's very calm and quiet.

Oliver better stay away from Laurel or Lance promises the next time Oliver disappears, it'll be permanently. Harsh, dude, harsh. Laurel jumps in to defend, but Lance doesn't want to hear it. It's okay. Oliver understands. Lance is like, yeah, whatever.

Scene shift to Queen Manor (or whatever the hell you refer to the hugenormous house as).

Diggle's nursing his wounded hand and Oliver tosses a bag of ice his way. He'd thank Diggle, but that wouldn't really cover it. Like Digg told Oliver's cop friend *gigglesnort* he was just doing his job. Besides… Diggle thinks it should be Oliver that he's thanking. Of course, Oliver plays dumb. What for? Duh, dumbass, the knife. Ah… the knife. Oliver got lucky. Lucky, Digg's ass. That was a kitchen knife, not even weighted properly. Oliver threw it for accuracy across a ten foot room. Exactly. Oliver got lucky.

Digg's not stupid. And he's not the kind of man Mr. Queen wants to take for a fool, does Oliver understand? Yes. Diggle thinks he's beginning to understand the kind of man Oliver is. Shouldn't take Digg very long. Oliver is shallow. And very tired, so… good night.

Digg's all like, dude, whatever, good night, sir.

Shift scene to the Foundry aka Oliver's lair. He's gearing up and expositioning…

I wanted to give Martin Somers the chance to confess and face the court's justice. But he chose to go after someone I care about instead. He's still going to face justice. It'll just be a different kind.

Ha! Somers isn't stupid. He's…

—packing his shit to get out of Dodge, or in this case Starling City.
—since the Triad bitch screwed up the on Laurel, the Triad is going to erase every scrap of evidence of their smuggling operation, including Somers. Well, duh.
—Too bad Wallace can't get the ship ready for Somers to flee…

"Wallace isn't here… but I am."

No shit you need to move, Martin. And you betcha, six men aren't enough to stop Oliver from coming after you.

Shift scene.

*sigh* Quentin, your daughter is stubborn. How do you not know this?

—She's not going to go into the courtroom and recuse herself. And she's not done.
—If he doesn't know she won't abandon Emily Nocenti, he doesn't know her very well. (See above question.)
—Laurel doesn't know him either. He'll lock her in a cell if that's what it takes.
—That's what it'll take then.

Stalemate. Fun times.

And Lance goes a off a little. After what happened to Sara, he thought Laurel would stop being so reckless. Interesting bit of information. And five years later? Oliver sure drags up a lot of emotions, no?

And from Laurel's POV, it's not about being reckless. Just the opposite. She's trying to make the city safer, just like Lance. And well, okay, he gets that. But she's his only daughter and all he has left to live for. But he wants from her isn't living. (< Note this… it'll be important later). To sum up their argument…

—Having cops around doesn't let her do her job
—Her job isn't going after people like the Triad or Martin Somers
—Her job is to use the law to fight for what's right.

Just like he taught her. And yeah, it's dirty, using his words against him, but it's also big time effective. Anyway, she can't do that. Well, maybe she picked that up along the way, too. And they're saved by Lance's phone going off…


Before getting to the phone call, gotta say I quite enjoyed watching the interaction between Quentin and Laurel. They go after each other and hit where it hurts, yet the underlying depth of their caring is there, too. Nicely done, show!


Lance's call is about a report from the wharfside, something going on at Somers Imports.

No shit. Bullets and arrows are flying everywhere and Oliver is taking out guys left and right. Four in a row, with a fifth on the way, bringing his count up to six if you count Wallace. Somers called it earlier. Oliver cut his men down and barely broke a sweat. And he's on the trail of Somers who ducks out of the way, hoping to flee.

Oliver's not gonna let that happen…

Cue commercial break…


And action! Oliver chases Somers and traps him with an arrow inside a warehouse? No idea. Anyway, Somers is all, Oh God. No, no, no. And Oliver assures Martin God can't help him.

Arrow number two flies and tags Martin again. Oliver wants the truth about Victor Nocenti. Somers can't. The Triad will kill him. The triad isn't his concern right now. Arrow three goes flying. Okay, okay. Somers didn't kill Nocenti, the Triad did. Acting on whose instructions? Long pause… Arrow four takes off and hits just above Martin's head. WHOSE??? All right, all right, mine. It was mine, all right? Nocenti said he'd testify against Somers.

Dude, you totally gave away China's position.

Hmm. Oliver speaks Chinese? Interesting.

Anyway, China tells Oliver to move away from Somers. Oliver says "Make me, bitch." (Okay, I added the bitch part.)

And once again, a kick ass fight scene gets underway. They're pretty evenly matched. Gotta love that. The SCPD arrive on scene. China and Oliver are still battling it out. Cop cars rolling in. More fighting. Somers is stuck like hog on a spit and can't go anywhere. More fighting and China finally gets something of an upper hand…

"This is the police. Drop your weapons. You're surrounded."

Oliver and China haul ass in opposite directions and vacate the building. Oliver goes jumping and climbing over shipping containers and finally hits the pavement and meets Lance coming out from behind one.


Oliver pauses.

"You twitch and you're dead."

Long ass standoff pause.

"Bow down. Hands up."

Nah. Oliver doesn't like that order. Instead, he grabs a smaller arrow and flings it, catching Lance's gun and sticking it to a shipping container. Lance looks back and finds nothing but air. Oliver's gone. But his arrow has a blinking green light. Oliver recorded something. Lance can't resist and presses the button. Somers' confession plays out. Son of a bitch.

Wait, Lance. Oliver just scored one for the good guys. Cut him some slack. *snorts* Right. Like that'll happen.

Should be fun for Lance to explain how he got the recording, yeah?

Shift scene…

Oliver's back at the Foundry…

Laurel was right. I can't be the Oliver my mother wants me to be and still keep the promise I made to my father. I have to be the person I need them to see me as.

Shift scene to the dedication for the Applied Sciences Center.

—Tommy snark is out in full force. Okay, this is a surprise. Did you show up here by mistake?
—No, Laurel showed up by invitation. Oliver invited her last night.
—Ha… is that surprise or jealously she's hearing.
—Tommy just doesn’t want Oliver to find out anything. He's been through a lot.
—They've all been through a lot.

Walter gets the show on the road, thanks everyone for coming to the future site of the Robert Queen Memorial Applied Sciences Center, the building will stand as a monument to the man whose company and vision are his greatest legacies.

Whoa, wait? What about Oliver. He's a legacy, right? The looks on Tommy and Laurel's faces are priceless. Oliver definitely took Laurel's advice and decided to show Moira he's not the man for the job, and oh my quiver full of arrows, he totally succeeds. He's so obnoxiously full of himself and smarmy—he's famous, read a newspaper, watch television, etc.—until he gets to his exact point—he's not much of a legacy.

He's not his father.

He's not the man he was. He's not half the man he was. He never will be. So… please… stop asking him to be.

'Nuff said.

Seriously, it's actually an awesome moment. Moira finally gets it. Thea is kind of 'who are you and where did you put my brother', and I'm pretty sure Laurel and Tommy are looking around for the pod. LOL Diggle is the only one who seems pretty unaffected when he takes off after Oliver steps down from the dais.

But Oliver is VERY much affected.

Cue commercial break…


WEBG is reporting Martin Somers, CEO of Starling Port (Hmm. I thought it was Somers Imports from Lance's phone call, but eh, I could be wrong.) was arrested last night for the murder of Victor Nocenti and is also accused of accepting cash, including over ten million dollars in bribes.

Joanna turns off the report and sums everything up. Emily can pursue a civil case, but the DA has no choice but to prosecute Somers because of his confession. Martin's going to jail for the rest of his life. Emily thanks Laurel for fighting for them, and Laurel returns the gesture, thanking Emily for being brave enough to let her.

More father/daughter love when Lance stops by…

L: I thought I didn't need police protection anymore.
Q: I thought I didn't need a reason to stop by and see my daughter.
L: You don't. [gets a good look at her dad] Hmm. You look tired.
Q: Yeah, I was filling out reports about a shootout at the port last night, and getting grilled about how I let that… archer… get away.
L: I have to admit, I'm kinda glad he did. He brought down Martin Somers.
Q: He hurt a bunch of people doing it, okay? He is no hero. He's an anarchist.
L: Yeah, well, whoever he is, it seems like he's trying to help.
Q: The city doesn't need that kind of help, okay? It's like I always told you, you don't have to go outside the law to find justice.

He really believes that. And when he catches the guy, he'll believe it, too.

Shift scene…

Oliver's at home and has his dad's book. He crosses off Somers' name.


Carrying his dad over a rocky outcrop, Oliver stops and puts Robert down. He discovers the book tucked in a pocket and flips through the pages. They're pristine and white, very unlike the pages he's crossing name off from.

Except for one page… it shows a symbol


A black limousine pulls up beside Moira's silver Mercedes and she gets into the vehicle and has a conversation with a mystery man…

M: Well, you saw for yourself, my son knows nothing. Robert didn't tell him anything that could hurt us. He has no idea that the yacht was sabotaged.  

Hmmm… same symbol, different place…


Wow, I can't wait to see where this all goes. Moira's cagey behavior has my Arrow Sense going all tingly. She has Oliver kidnapped with imminent torture, right? Did she sabotage the yacht? I mean she knew Oliver was going to be on it, right? That's cold-blooded, man. Yet she doesn't come across as anything more than a loving mom for the most part. Yeah, I'm really interested in where this all goes.

Shift scene…

Oliver has workers in the back where the headstones are… but has a final good-bye with his dad, first.

All that time on the island, plotting my return, and… I didn't realize how hard it would be… to reconnect with Mom, Thea… Laurel. Okay, and I didn't… I didn't know how painful it would be to keep my secrets. You asked me to save this city, to right your wrongs. I will. I swear. But to do that, I can't be the Oliver everyone wants me to be, which means that sometimes… to honor your wishes, I need to dishonor your memory. I'm sorry.

Oliver orders the workers to take his headstone down and walks across the yard.

Digg: Will you be going out tonight, sir?
Oliver: Definitely.


Oliver buries his dad under a pile of rocks and stands over the site. Then, THWAP!! Holy shit! He's struck through the shoulder by an arrow and howls in pain…

By this guy…

The guy notches another arrow and Oliver either passes out or pretends to…


So… excellent episode, right? I've got a lot of questions and I want some answers, but I'm very willing to be patient. I'll be pondering Moira's involvement in everything until the next recap. :D

Geeky Fan Connections

Walter: Doug Greer (LOUK), Dr. Moon from Doctor Who, David Tyrel (Hex), Charles Robinson (Bond Movies, Brosnan era)
Somers: Ty Olsson Captain Kelly (BSG) and, geez, a million other genre shows
China White: Kelly Hu (A crap ton of genre shows)
Detective Lance: Harry Dresden (Dresden Files), Larry (Warehouse 13 Xmas ep)

Know of any others? Fill me in!!

That's it fangirls and boys. Stay tuned!